Technology & IT

Our Client

  • Its primary areas of business are financial information and analytics
  • You will be working on a platform for constructing, testing, and deploying quantitative equity strategies, used by Investment Management professionals across the globe


  • Be a role model for chapter members, evaluate, coach and support the chapter members on the job performance and career evolution, according to the defined career plan. Give feedback to chapter members to establish objectives, regularly analyzing and discussing these objectives with the employees, establishing corrective measures, giving feedback in the evaluation of the subordinates’ performance
  • Apply a continuous improvement lens using research and experimentation, create a learning and growth orientated environment, with a strong focus on empowerment and recognition
  • Recruit new employees up to their appointment, assure smooth on-boarding and induction
  • Evaluate necessary capabilities within the team, based on business needs and the CIO strategy, developing recruiting, training plans and provide suitable resource solutions to satisfy the business requirements
  • Knowledge sharing and technical leadership – foster a continuous learning culture, create a drive for craftsmanship and inspire team members to knowledge share and upskill each other
  • Best fit guardrails and tools – creation, contribution, and adherence by all Chapter members
  • Standardize and align way of working, maintain clear practice guidelines and standards aligned and respected
  • Promoting the best practices; Monitoring the standards and compliance with the standards of all the aspects of the technical design, development and deployment of solutions
  • Assist chapter members in defining career and development plans, considering the technical, personal and delivery team level
  • Encourage contribution to evolution of best practices and latest tech and digital trends by collaborating with peers and presenting at conferences and encouraging innovation and continuous improvement

Desired skills

  • B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Strong software engineering background with at least 10+ years’ experience and have a firm understanding of the SDLC in an Enterprise environment
  • Senior roles working with product development teams, building and delivering software products – while remaining hands-on
  • A track record of hiring, onboarding, and developing engineering skills
  • Strong examples of coaching, facilitating and guiding others in the area of expertise
  • Collaborative leadership style and an ability to take stakeholders on the journey
  • Outcome orientated, persistence to challenge the status quo to deliver customer results
  • Extensive experience implementing Java Applications and rest/restful APIs using Spring stack
  • Extensive experience in analyzing target architecture and transition architecture steps to minimize the rework and build easily extendable software
  • Very good knowledge of enterprise design patterns and practices, domain-driven-design: identifying bounded contexts
  • Excellent understanding of typical multi-tier architectures: web servers, application servers, load balancers, and storage.
  • Previous relevant experience with Azure public cloud platform, knowledge of Cloud networking and infrastructure and Cloud security practices
  • You are expected to have experience in coordinating at technical level large implementation projects and handling low level solution designs
  • Extensive experience developing and maintaining CI/CD pipelines
  • Extensive experience developing and maintaining Unit and Integration Tests
  • Extensive experience developing High Available Software with fault tolerance and self-recovery capabilities
  • Extensive experience working with SQL, both from an ORM perspective as well as SQL Native queries
  • Previous experience with Salesforce is considered a plus
  • Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills to investigate and resolve both coding and data issues
  • Strong aptitude to understand business requirements and define the technical approach
  • Strong technical and interpersonal communication skills
  • Knowledgeable in Agile software development methodologies and processes, with more than 1 year practice
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